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What is a good Antivirus Program to use?


What’s the best antivirus program out there? A question all too commonly seen on the forums, and yet also one that is virtually impossible to answer. There is unfortunately no “best” antivirus program out there, and no “best” way of protecting your computer. Malware is a constantly changing field, with new threats rapidly appearing soon after the last. As such, we can never expect 100% perfect protection from our security programs, and you should never rely solely on your antivirus program to protect you.

Why RAM Memory Amount is Important


Lack of memory can be a real issue, especially with today’s high performance machines and Operating Systems (OS). If you’re using Windows (and let’s face it, most of us are) then you need to ensure you have the appropriate amount of RAM for your system. Microsoft list “minimum requirements” with each OS – but they are in the business of selling software. That’s why their “minimum requirements” are always at the lower end of the scale. There are numerous sites around that will advise you need “x” amount for XP and “y” amount for Vista. As a general rule, Vista and Windows 7 work well with 2GB and XP with 1GB. You can use more, of course, but as a minimum these figures are accurate. 64-bit systems do not really have memory limits (there are theoretical limits of 16 exabytes (1 Exabyte = 1 billion gigabytes)) but you’ll find that such systems will be able to handle large amounts of memory.

Why Websites Fail


Perhaps you have attempted (maybe more than once) to have a website. Maybe you went all out and hired a web designer spending thousands of dollars or more having them build your site and shopping cart. You dreamed that many people on the Internet, searching on Google or Yahoo would find your site and purchase your products or use your services. But no one showed up and your website got no hits. You try certain keyword searches on Google or Yahoo and your website does not show up. You haven’t even gotten one single customer from your efforts and expense. You failed on the web which puts in the ranks of millions of others that have gone before and will go after you. Your website failed.

You are not alone. Out of the almost 56 million websites on the web, fewer than 500,000 of them have any real traffic to speak of. Let me say that another way. There are over 55 ½ million websites on the Internet that are complete failures because they have no real traffic or people coming to the site. So if you have been one of those 55 ½ million, don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

Steps taken when developing a website


When developing a website, here are a list things to consider when planning your website and the flow of the development phase.

  1. To design your web site, we need to understand your needs, company's services and/or products. With that information in hand, we will plan objectives and what pages are needed to accomplish your goals.

    Let's develop a plan for your Website and prepare for answer the following questions:

    Who? Who is your target audience? Study your target audience. What would they like? Now, write down your intended audience. List your audience background, their interests, skills, values and knowledge.

    What? What's the purpose of your site? To educate, entertain, provide product/service information to others, or a combination of these. As you plan your web site remember each web page should have an objective, but within the constraints of the Website's purpose. If you aren't sure how to proceed, look at other Websites similar to the one you want to create on the Internet for ideas.

    When? When do you want to start your site? How often do you plan on updating your site - daily, weekly, twice a month, or monthly?

    Where? Where are your site going to put your site (host it)? Choosing the right hosting service depends on your individual requirements. Once the needs of your site become apparent we will help you chose an appropriate host server... Linux (Unix) or Windows Based Server.

    Why? Why are you developing a Website? Keep your friends and family informed, seek interaction with other people with your interests, or a Web presence for your business?

    How? How will you create your Website? How do you plan on researching material for your Website? How will you create your Website? Remember content will make or break your Website.