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What is a good Antivirus Program to use?


What’s the best antivirus program out there? A question all too commonly seen on the forums, and yet also one that is virtually impossible to answer. There is unfortunately no “best” antivirus program out there, and no “best” way of protecting your computer. Malware is a constantly changing field, with new threats rapidly appearing soon after the last. As such, we can never expect 100% perfect protection from our security programs, and you should never rely solely on your antivirus program to protect you.

Why RAM Memory Amount is Important


Lack of memory can be a real issue, especially with today’s high performance machines and Operating Systems (OS). If you’re using Windows (and let’s face it, most of us are) then you need to ensure you have the appropriate amount of RAM for your system. Microsoft list “minimum requirements” with each OS – but they are in the business of selling software. That’s why their “minimum requirements” are always at the lower end of the scale. There are numerous sites around that will advise you need “x” amount for XP and “y” amount for Vista. As a general rule, Vista and Windows 7 work well with 2GB and XP with 1GB. You can use more, of course, but as a minimum these figures are accurate. 64-bit systems do not really have memory limits (there are theoretical limits of 16 exabytes (1 Exabyte = 1 billion gigabytes)) but you’ll find that such systems will be able to handle large amounts of memory.